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Standardizzazione della gamma di valvole di ritegno WEH®

In qualità di fabbricante leader di componenti tecnici per fluidi, WEH offre una gamma completa di valvole di ritegno dall’elevata affidabilità.
Questa vasta gamma di prodotti è stata ora standardizzata.


WEH® TW230 for straight tube testing within seconds

Now straight tubes can be tested even faster than ever with the new WEH® TW230 Quick Connector.


WEH® presents CNG Refuelling Components for Buses and Trucks in Jakarta

Alternative fuels such as natural gas are of ever-growing importance – also in Indonesia. Particularly in the transport industry, continuously increasing demand for natural gas-powered vehicles is expected.


WEH® Hydrogen Components – Steadily Growing Demand on Asian Market

As market leader for alternative refuelling components, WEH offers a comprehensive product range of H2 Components for both hydrogen filling stations and OEMs. Together with Hamai (distributor in Japan), WEH presented its hydrogen products at the FC Expo 2016 in Japan.


The First H2 Fuelling Nozzle with Exchangeable Data Interface

WEH has broadened its extensive range of H2 fuelling nozzles for 700 bar technology by adding a new fuelling nozzle for single-handed operation. This new nozzle is equipped with an exchangeable data interface (ENR - Exchangeable Nozzle Receiver).

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